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National Motorcyclist March against identification through vests

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reflective vestA group of motorcycle riders gathered at the Obelisk to protest Decree. číst dál
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Safe on the way to school with the three OBI markets in the region

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 safety vestAt the three OBI stores in Rosenheim, parents can now pick up a safety vest for their charges. Here is the coupon for: číst dál
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high visibility vests,reflective material,reflective clothingThe high visibility vests that the protesters dress since last November 17 are out of stock in many stores. číst dál
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Reflective actions

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reflective vests,reflective tapes,Reflective materialsPolice officers from the Traffic Department carried out activities that were associated not only with the controls of unprotected road users. There was also education and preventive activities. číst dál
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They have to protect their lives on the roads

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reflective tapes ,reflective vests,reflective materialsIt is a tool to protect cyclists or pedestrians. In the dark, in the fog or in the dark it is supposed to make them visible to the driver. This is to protect their lives. But most reflective tapes do not work the way they are. With extensive control, the CIA totally failed. číst dál
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The Czech Trade Inspection supervised pedestrian reflective tapes

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reflective materials,reflective tapesThis year, the Czech Trade Inspectorate completed a control activity aimed at fulfilling the basic requirements for reflective materials. Specifically, these were photometric requirements according to ČSN EN 13356 (Article 4.2.2), reflective tape marking requirements, including CE marking and requirements for providing additional product information. Inspectors checked the purchase of such reflective tapes to protect consumers when they are moving under reduced visibility on the roadside or on the edge of the road in a place not illuminated by public lighting. číst dál
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They present in the Legislature a project of law to fight motorcycles

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reflective vest,reflective clothing,reflective materialsCarolina Piper, one of the promoters of the project, said that "as a victim and legislator, I consider that this law is important in its potential to combat a specific type of crime." číst dál
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50 safety vests for kindergarten

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safety vests,reflective tape,reflective materialIn their new safety vests, the little ones of the kindergarten followed the video of the traffic education they saw yesterday morning. For the planned bike. číst dál
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Three pedestrians were killed in accidents

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reflective vest,reflective material,reflective tape for clothingThree accidents in which three pedestrians were killed are a tragic balance of road events yesterday and this morning. The first of these events occurred yesterday. This morning the Renault driver fatally hit the pedestrian. Police officers appeal to all road users for prudence and caution. číst dál
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Training for a marathon can feel like walking in the dark

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reflective vest,reflective fabrics,reflective clothingI walk past a dark river at six in the evening. I cannot see the river anymore. The road is poorly lit. Can the city of Amsterdam not provide decent lighting for evening walkers? The lighting is off in some areas. I am invisible to the traffic around me. Cyclists pass me and thus illuminate my path. The darkness gobbles me up again afterward. The Netherlands feels like an empty country. It is time to walk in a reflective vest. The lifebuoy of the winter runner. Whoever does not wear a vest does play with his life. I did not put on a vest like that. I play with my life. My shoes reflect a little bit. More and more reflective fabrics are incorporated in the outerwear and in the long pants. But that is not enough. číst dál
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They seek to educate cyclists

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reflective vest,reflective clothingA demonstration was offered for the safety of bicycle users. číst dál
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Derailers distribute yellow vests

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safety vests,reflective tape for clothing,The association offered lifejackets and safety and lighting for bicycles. On Friday, November 9, 2018. A way to highlight the ecological displacement as an alternative to the automobile. číst dál
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The grand finale of the "Reflective School" contest at SP No. 3

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reflective fabric,reflective vest,reflective materials On 29/10/2018, the great final of the Reflective School competition took place in our school. The ceremony began in the gym. All students and teachers participated in it, but also invited guests. They were representatives of the Police Headquarters: Mrs. Maria Gauzy and Mr. Marci Adamou and the Group of Motorcyclists with Mr. Raga Korzybski. číst dál
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Paterna elaborates safety vests to more than 2,000 schoolchildren

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safety vests,reflective tapesThis innovative initiative improves the mobility of students in transfers and incorporates a contact telephone number for cases of loss. číst dál
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Is there a fine by putting yellow vest on the front of car?

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reflective fabric,high-visibility vest,safety vestTo show their support for the 17 November protest movement, some motorists are putting a safety vest which made of reflective fabric on the dashboard of their car. číst dál