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Austrian brand reflective clothes

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We do not all have the chance to drive a KTM daily. Austrian brand however remains accessible to all through its range of ready-to-wear and Power Wear goodies. If last summer wine had us beautiful surprises, winter novelties are also well worth a visit. KTM indeed offers warm reflective clothes stamped with the slogan "Ready to Race". číst dál
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Traffic Safety requirements cyclists wear reflective jacket

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The amendment specifies that cyclists even during the day, moving in roadway must wear a reflective jacket or bike front and rear turn on the lights. Amendment attracted great public interest. Some supported and welcomes the new requirement, arguing that now cyclists will be more visible, and this will help reduce the number of cyclists killed on roads. Another part of the citizens Amendment called absurd and teach road safety culture. News of Amendment and one of the best Lithuanian road and track cyclists Tomas Haikus, "No one in the world there is no such law. Let try to slip on a jacket... číst dál
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Children are wear yellow vests for safe travel

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The Vendee County Council carries every day more than 33,700 students. Focus on transport conditions and arrangements made for the care of young people. číst dál
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The luggage bag with reflective stripes

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Kawasaki introduces its new line of luggage in partnership with the renowned American manufacturer Ohio. These bags Day and his travel bag, handbags, reflective backpacks, sports and holidays bring liveliness and practicality, thanks to the omnipresence of an apple-green color signature of the brand, which goes to black is found on almost all models. číst dál
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The government considers the generalization vest with reflective strips

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 19. 9. 2015 | přečteno: 358× | komentáře: 0
The information was advanced Wednesday by RTL; two-wheelers could soon be imposed on a technical control by the government. Establish a principle of equality between motorists and motorcyclists in safety vest but also lower mortality on roads, always higher for two-wheelers. As a reminder, July saw 360 people lose their lives in road accidents, including 105 on two wheels. číst dál
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Civil Protection "safe" with the Airbag reflective Jacket

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After the agreement with Bemba, the Italian Halite goes back to sign. The "Motostaffetta Friuli - Organization of Volunteers" (first associated Motorcycle Association for Civil Protection of Friuli Venetia Giulia), has equipped its riders with the airbag reflective vests direct company in Italy by Petro Apian. číst dál
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Students dressed in reflective vest to school

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One hundred parents and studentsmanifest themselves by extending the school. číst dál
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Children has a backpack with reflective tape be visible

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Children should always ride in the back seat of the vehicle and has a backpackwith reflective tape to makethem visible. These are two of the ten vials strategies Public Safety for Children launched by the deputy minister of the area. To about 300 schoolchildren aged eight and ten, in the school auditorium Don Boaco, Vice Minister of Public Safety, Gonzalo Lozano, he presented the Decalogue, the implementation and success depends on both parents and the local authorities, departmental and national. číst dál
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Walkers should wear reflective clothing

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 11. 9. 2015 | přečteno: 387× | komentáře: 0
A night Indiana pairs is the new proposal of Orense & D promotion program sport has launched the region. Students should wear reflective clothing to make them visible. The track of the University Campus of Orense will be the starting point of a walking route that will be launched this afternoon at 21.00 hours. From 60 minutes before, walkers can pick the numbers of participation. číst dál
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Reflector is Mandatory by cyclist

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For cyclists it applies regularly to check the illumination of the wheel. Mandatory are: a dynamo, a white headlight and white reflector front, a red marker light with reflector and additional large reflector behind, at least two spoke reflectors each wheel and pedal reflectors. "Battery-powered standing lamps, front and rear increase the visibility especially at intersections, when the cyclist has to stop." Additional battery lights may be used if they are approved for road traffic. Exclusively racing bikes of less than 11 kg may use battery-powered lights, but must be kept ready for operation during the day instead of a dynamo. číst dál
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Reflective accessories is necessary to avoid accident

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On the way from the bus stop to the railway station Aumühler a 17-year-old was severely slightly injured a 14-year-old. Accident driver had to blow: 2.42 per thousand. číst dál