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A lightweight, ventilated and accessible helmet

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reflective tapeThe newcomer in the range of helmets of the Italian brand, the model Strym is a mid-range proposed for less than 100 €. A helmet within the reach of the majority of cyclists, less elitist than high-end models over 200 €. číst dál
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Transport education and competition will be supported by the Region with 400 thousand

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reflective materials,reflective vests,reflective tapesThe Road Transport Service Center will receive a subsidy of CZK 400,000 from the Region to provide traffic education, preventive events and traffic competitions for children in 2019. číst dál
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What are the most repeated and most unknown sanctions at the wheel?

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safety vest,reflective tapesFrom not using the indicator to not knowing how to place the triangles, going through the obligation to drive in the right lane or having the tires in good condition. These are the most imposed sanctions. číst dál
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Overcome the inner bastard

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reflective tapes, reflective vest"Humans do not readily accept unpleasant things," explains Oliver Atoll, Professor of Sport Psychology at the Martin Luther University Battenberg. Because of course, you prefer to move in good weather. With these tips, you can also catch up in the winter - and do healthy sports: číst dál
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Fatal deduction of a man

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reflective vest,reflective fabric,reflective tapesA tragic road accident occurred yesterday (19 March) near Lowe Busy (Pampas commune). There, the Opel driver hit a 39-year-old man who died on the spot. He walked correctly, but he was not wearing a reflective vest with reflective fabric. The causes of the tragedy will be explained by the police investigation. číst dál
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The Pocket of Hope Droplet is empty!

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reflective vests,reflective tapeThe money box in the Druthers Radiant hospital pharmacy is empty! But the target of the thief did not happen. Its content ended up in the bank account of the Kafka Nadine Endowment Fund, which donated CZK 27,110 to the pharmacy visitors and patients. číst dál
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Two cyclists died after being hit by a SITP bus in downtown Bogota

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reflective vest,reflective tapesOne of the victims lasted almost a week fighting for his life, but he did not survive. Only last January, 26 bicycle users died in the country. číst dál
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Public danger on the road

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reflective material,reflective clothing,reflective tapesA step of tragedy on the road connecting Soroptimist to Buzzards. Two men and three horses were hit by the car on Thursday evening after the driver did not notice them walking on the road in the dark. The two wanted to bring the animals up to Soroptimist. číst dál
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Police in Elbe appeals to drivers to be cautious!

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reflective materials,reflective vest,reflective tapesAlready tonight the road surface can turn into an ice rink. This will freeze the rain. Despite the fact that road services will be at the ready, we should be especially careful. číst dál
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The regulation of the scooters before the elections

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reflective material,reflective vestThe Government could still be in time to approve before the elections the announced regulation of electric scooters and the limitation to 30 km / h of streets one lane in each direction in all populations. This is what the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) believes, which has accelerated the processing of the reform of the regulations of vehicles and traffic that include these measures to the point that it has already made its final proposal and has sent it to the Ministry of Transport. číst dál
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Seven measures to take into account when a car breaks down in a tunnel

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reflective vest,reflective clothingThe Local Police of La Pal-mas DE Gran Canary lists seven tips to take into account if a similar incident occurs inside a tunnel or on the road. číst dál
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Black is the new orange

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reflective clothing,reflective tapeBlack is the new orange: Since 2010, the 14 local fire brigades of the velvet municipality of Feldspar have been equipped with black operational reflective clothing. The previous orange jackets and pants have had their day. Even if this safety clothing has considerable signs of wear and a sale to other fire departments is no longer worthwhile: For disposal, this equipment is too much. Now the "second hand" things of the Feldspar firefighters go where they are urgently needed: to Africa. číst dál
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Celia publishes models in partnership with NASA and the NBA

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 reflective fabricThe brand delivers a capsule of clothing and accessories from the padded down jacket to the white fleece pants with the premiere and tops in the colors of the larger US teams with the second. číst dál
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The collision of a motorcycle with BMW at UL

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reflective clothing,reflective vestsIn WYSIWYG at UL. Saskatoon had a dangerous road accident involving a passenger car and a motorcyclist. číst dál
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The police bus will focus on truck pirates

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reflective vests,reflective clothing,reflective tapesThey read the magazine behind the wheel, get a quick lunch or check out what's new on Facebook. Some truck drivers ride along the D8 motorway in northern Bohemia with rest and lying on the couch in the living room. číst dál