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The walking bus equipped with reflective vest

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It was officially opened Wednesday, April 15, in the presence of Mayor Roberto Buda, the environment councilor, John factors and the head teacher of the 2nd Didactic the walking bus project , which sees a group of children in safety vest new school Center Villa marina get to school every morning on foot, accompanied by volunteer parents. číst dál
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Keep reflective jacket when you load luggage into car

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When you go on a long trip and we decided to use as a means of transport’s car, there comes a time when you have to face the difficult problem of how to load the car. If you are not careful, in fact, there is a risk that the luggages from falling during the journey or to take away the rear views of those who are behind the wheel even you have the safety vest. So it is vital to fix all of the objects that we decided to take with us, especially when they are so many, so the smartest possible. Let us, therefore, to see some simple tricks for the guests in our car without too much stress. číst dál
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Safe Holidays with safety vest

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On the eve of the big summer exodus it is useful to remember that the rules of the road are not the same across Europe. Often those leaving for summer vacation by car to another European country take for granted that the rules on the road are the same across the continent. It not so and know the traffic laws of the host nation is critical to not run into salt and disappointments fines. We start from the Iberian Peninsula, since Spain and Portugal are two of the favorite destinations for Italian motorists. číst dál