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The mandatory use of reflective clothing

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 28. 10. 2015 | přečteno: 264× | komentáře: 0
On Thursday, October 15 at 15.50 in the street in Yaroslavl Ship 44-year-old woman driving the car "Daewoo Mates" hit by a 16-year-old, crossing the road at uncontrolled pedestrian in safety vest crossing. číst dál
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Reflective shoes provide comfort and safety for runners

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 26. 8. 2015 | přečteno: 328× | komentáře: 0
Company Newton Running is special. Two guys from Boulder, Colorado just decided to start making reflective running shoes. As they say - magic. They invested a lot of ideas, time and money into something that seemed impossible - to compete in tough business giant multinational corporations. And it did it. Newton, although probably not the best known brand in the market, but anyone about running ever heard something, knows it. číst dál
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Reflective clothing: be seen, be safe

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 6. 8. 2015 | přečteno: 329× | komentáře: 0
It is not enough to see; you have to be also seen. Each pedestrian walking after dark outside such areas must wear reflective clothing or reflective armband. číst dál
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Functional sports gear with reflective tape

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 7. 7. 2015 | přečteno: 341× | komentáře: 0
Functional pants, gloves and functional sports armband with reflective tape - these three elements of safety gear were runner in the package addressed to our editorial staff. Lid has priced them accordingly at 34.99, 14.99 and 14.99 PLN. Prices - much affordable. Question – how are the quality of the offered goods? Let us, therefore do individual components. číst dál
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New police officer uniform with reflective tape

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 23. 6. 2015 | přečteno: 335× | komentáře: 0
Police officers’ uniform will soon change into a new one. How will they look like their uniforms, approached patterns, which introduced the Police Presidium? Police Chief Thomas Tough said that next year will begin policemen try thousand pieces of equipment, which added five companies. All 40,000 police officers should be in new uniforms with reflective tapes in four years. číst dál
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Reflective material helps prevent accident for pedestrians

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 9. 6. 2015 | přečteno: 679× | komentáře: 0
The areas of the body that suffer more injuries are the legs, hips and legs (representing 28.7%) and trunk (23.2%). The head impacts, representing 12.7% of all injuries, are responsible for most deaths. In fact, nearly six in ten deaths (58%) have suffered head injuries in that period. číst dál
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New concept: reflective sportwear for athletics

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 6. 6. 2015 | přečteno: 479× | komentáře: 0
2XU, the Australian reflective sportswear brand, is proud to launch GHST a completely new product category based on lightness, offering a new point structure X-LITE PRO, the world's lightest fabric in both dry and wet conditions. číst dál
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Firefighters reflective keychain made of FR reflective material

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 1. 6. 2015 | přečteno: 693× | komentáře: 0
Whether a fire brigade cell phone pocket, a tablet or a protective sleeve Key chains: Firemen material is not only with firefighters for exclusive recycled products at a premium. Employees of disability means "Stormarner workshops" conjure up from retired firefighters Jackets successful new products - mainly firefighters reflective keychain and fire-phone accessories. The products with "Used look" come as firefighters Giftware well received by customers. číst dál
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Protect your life with reflective material

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 10. 11. 2014 | přečteno: 665× | komentáře: 0
front.jpgWith the onset of autumn, risk of collision also increased with a pedestrian. The driver in the morning or evening twilight when the windshield from the outside air condenses moisture from the inside and still did not manage ventilation in unheated motor dissolve haze pedestrians in drab clothes on the road overlooked. číst dál