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In the State Duma will be offered to make mandatory reflective elements of clothing

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reflective fabrics,reflective materials,reflective vestState Duma Deputy Vyacheslav Lysakov will propose that the government of the Russian Federation oblige enterprises to equip children's, school and sports clothing with reflective fabrics or other reflective materials, the Parliamentary Newspaper reports. číst dál
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Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Tajikistan warns of blizzards on January 6 and heavy snow

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reflective vest,high visibility vests,reflective fabricsAccording to the Department of Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring of the Republic of Tatarstan, on January 6, the weather will deteriorate significantly. číst dál
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Winter's 9 best reflex clothing that illuminates the dark

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reflective fabricsNike's new sneakers boots have been redesigned for winter 2015 and warm your feet when it's cold outside. The shoes are also waterproof, shining in a stylish way in the dark and have reflective laces. With these sneaker boots, you are ready for the most part - whether you want to climb mountains or just go and buy the newspaper. číst dál
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The Czech Trade Inspection Authority controlled reflective strips for pedestrians

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reflective tapesThis year, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority completed a control action aimed at meeting the basic requirements for reflective tapes. Specifically, these were photometric requirements according to EN 13356, requirements for marking of reflective tapes, including CE marking and requirements for providing further information on the product. Inspectors were interested in reflective tapes when checking purchases to protect consumers when traveling in low visibility on the roadside or on the roadside in a place that is not illuminated by public lighting. číst dál
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SDA for electric scooters will appear in France

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reflective vestThe French authorities have expanded the rules of the road to electric scooters and similar vehicles, which have become extremely popular among citizens. According to Transport Minister Elizabeth Born, they allow people to move quickly and do not pollute the environment, but their use was not regulated at all, and city streets began to live according to the "jungle law". This forced the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to develop new rules, the violation of which from September will be punished with large fines (up to 1,500 euros). číst dál
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What should be the perfect school backpack

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reflective materials,reflective tapesOn the eve of the new school year, departmental experts decided to figure out and what is it, the right backpack for the student? And at the same time check, how modern products meet regulatory requirements. číst dál
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We tell you how to safely ride a bike around the city

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reflective clothing,reflective materials,safety vestsEarly in the morning of May 28, a 9-year-old cyclist died under the wheels of an SUV. Crossing the roadway at the crosswalk, the boy did not dismount. The SUV that was turning from October Avenue onto Bessonov Street did not have time to brake and hit the child. We decided to remind you of the safety rules that you should follow when moving around the city by bicycle, and prepared these cards. číst dál
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A glowing "Walking bus" passed through the streets of Tyumen

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reflective materials,reflective fabricsThus, the guys decided to encourage citizens to use light reflectors. číst dál
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Murmansk firefighters celebrate their professional holiday

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safety clothing,reflective tapesThe 100th anniversary of the fire brigade of the Murmansk region and the 370th anniversary of the fire brigade in Russia - the holiday was timed to these two dates. At the "Five Corners", employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and subordinate organizations demonstrated the townspeople with equipment, machinery and safety clothing, with the help of which they struggle with the fire element. číst dál
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Security is fashionable! GUOBDD conducted a campaign for children in Bishkek

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reflective tapeEntertaining games, interactivity with animators, prize draw and performance of Russian pop stars were waiting for the participants and spectators. číst dál
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In Mariupol, children baked pancakes along with patrolmen

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reflective fabricOn the last day of Shrovetide, dozens of Mariupol families came to a meeting with patrolmen to bake pancakes together. This was reported on the page of the Donetsk Region Patrol Police on Facebook. číst dál
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reflective materials,reflective vests,reflective fabricsAhead of us is waiting for winter, but now the day has noticeably decreased. Schoolchildren and students in the second shift return home after dark. And we, adults, get from work at dusk. číst dál
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What do you need to know to travel to Uzbekistan by car?

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reflective vestThe neighboring country attracts with its teahouses, ancient monuments, and low prices. And what about the traffic cop? číst dál
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New firefighting clothing

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reflective material,reflective fabricThe Brabant-Zuidoost safety region (VRBZO) presented the new fire fighting clothing for the Brabant-Zuidoost fire brigade last week. The new firefighter suits equipped with the latest technologies to offer firefighters optimum protection in all circumstances. číst dál
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Reflective umbrellas to make pedestrians visible

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 reflective tapesThe Consellería de Infraestruturas, directed by Ethel Vázquez, commissioned a series of reflective umbrellas to make pedestrians aware of the need to be seen on rainy days. One of the umbrellas was sent to the General Director of Traffic, Gregorio Serrano, whom yesterday posted a photo on Twitter and publicly congratulated "the Xunta de Galicia and Ethel Vázquez for the magnificent initiative of providing high visibility umbrellas to Galician pedestrians". The umbrella is manufactured by Umbrella Carballo, a Galician company that also designs reflective tapes that can be attached to an umbr... číst dál