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The Touring urge to respect rules and traffic signals

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safety vest, reflective elements,  reflective vestAs every year, the long Easter holiday many families take advantage of to travel to different national and international destinations. In order to do so as safely as possible, from the Touring and Automobile Club recommend: Travel rested, check the status of the vehicle; maintenance, calibration of the wheels, condition of the lights, brake fluid and coolant. Make sure that all passengers wear a seat belt and safety vest. číst dál
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Public bicycles and safety equipments for conurbation

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reflective safety accessories,safety vestIn what has slowly become expected news both for the very novelty of the initiative and for the enormous social benefit that could bring, the SECPLAC, Raimondi Agility confirmed the municipality's intention to close a contract with the Mobike Company, same company that initiated the program of public bicycles in the communes of La Reina and Las Condos. In addition, they equip the reflective safety accessories. číst dál
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Being visible is the motto of the Night series

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reflective clothing, reflective elements, reflective vestKaleen has presented his autumn / winter collection. Being visible and seeing yourself is also the motto of the Kaleen by Night series. číst dál
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Why do contract killers wear safety rainwear

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safety vest, Safety Rain clothing, safety rainwearThe police in safety vest are looking for three men, dressed in rain clothing, in the neighborhood of the place where Stefan Bogart was liquidated in September. They too were dressed in rain suits. Why do contract killers attract rainwear? The black rain suits with reflective stripes worn by the two killers were attached to their gloves with tape. Also wore the two balaclavas. Bowie T. and Adjani El H. were soon caught, because their car did not want to start. They had to take off on foot and tried to get rid of their weapons and rain suits on their flight. That too was in vain. Both rain s... číst dál
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This safety clothing keeps you warm this winter

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safety clothing, reflective fabric, reflective cycling apparelYou had better prepared safety clothing for the cold, wet weather. For the November issue of cycling magazine, we have already looked for some warm holders and Specialized. Let cold, rain and frozen roads come! číst dál
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Running in the rain with a Craft Repel Reflective Jacket

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Reflective Jacket, reflective fabric, reflective material Craft introduces the Repel Reflective Jacket, a light, thin and smooth running jacket for training in cold and rainy weather. This makes running in the rain even finer. číst dál