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Reflective bands distributed to increase visibility

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 24. 8. 2015 | přečteno: 341× | komentáře: 0
Officers in Sokolov tipped throughout the week, wearing reflective safety vest and stopping pedestrians. Because the people committing offenses, but because pedestrians were lackluster outfit. She knows many a driver. Not many in his life happened to especially in the twilight missed the man who had entered the roadway. The event was very aptly named officers and decisively: Be seen - survive! číst dál
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Police found dead in reflective safety vest

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 15. 8. 2015 | přečteno: 341× | komentáře: 0
Rocco Romano took a big hit from the old establishment of its sketch by the gendarmerie. Is that the fatal shots that accompanied the flights, which is accused before the Court of Assizes of the Vary to the Italian 57-year old native of Ventimiglia, back to seventeen years ago? číst dál
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Road safety: PRIORITIES vigilance for seniors

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 8. 8. 2015 | přečteno: 360× | komentáře: 0
Four pedestrians have died this year in the city without wearing reflective safety vest. The municipality responded by preventive actions.  číst dál
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Police in the suburbs of St. Louis shot another black man

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 25. 12. 2014 | přečteno: 633× | komentáře: 0
The young man threatened to the policeman firearm and incident occurred in the vicinity of Ferguson. číst dál
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The policeman accused of killing his girlfriend

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 17. 12. 2014 | přečteno: 470× | komentáře: 0
Franck Requet was arrested April 19, 2012 in Norway after a week on the run, still wearing his reflective uniform. At Voss ski resort west of the country where he had friends with whom he had landed unexpectedly. He was, as the saying goes, sought by all the police after the discovery of the body of his companion. Cervellin Isabelle, 44, was found dead at his home in La Motte-Servolex, shot several bullets, fired at close range. číst dál
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Informants wearing reflective vest answer question on alternative transport

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 14. 11. 2014 | přečteno: 536× | komentáře: 0
Due to exchange a few decades old switches do not travel between Prague metro stations Budějovice and Museum. Operation of the line C stopped yesterday shortly before eight in the evening. Workers wear reflective safety vestsare everywhere telling passengers to use replacement buses XC. Lockout will last until Monday morning. číst dál