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"Protect Me" campaign - for the 20th time

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reflective vestsThis year's longest-running social campaign "Protect Me" will take place on the 20th of September. Throughout Lithuania, as well as in Utena district municipality, September is declared the month of safe traffic. číst dál
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Practical and original gift for yourself

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reflective material,reflective fabricEurope has decided to reduce the daily consumption of plastic bags next year, but a practical Latvian will also have to go to the store to shop and to place their purchases somewhere. Together with seamstress Daegu Udre, we offer to be creative by creating beautiful and beautiful fabric bags for your purchases. To encourage your friends and family to reduce the amount of plastic they consume every day, be diligent and start taking care of your Christmas presents! A self-sewn fabric bag will be a great gift, with added value - good thoughts and sweetheart. číst dál
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The municipality provides work for 400 students during the summer

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reflective vestsLatvian Radio addressed young people who work near the city border. They have reflective vests and blue bags in their hands. Outdoor work is not difficult, only high heat disturbs young people, says young people. číst dál
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It is also worth preparing the car for the holidays

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reflective vestsFamilies typically go on vacation at this time, and according to statistics, at least 50 percent of them leave by car. As the average age of the domestic vehicle fleet is over 14, chances are many people do it with older cars. číst dál
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Seven reasons why it's worth it for a walk

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 reflective tape,reflective vestAlthough the cold and the cold temperatures often serve as a justification for us to stay in the house and spend the weekend under the blanket, the benefits of winter walking for both mental and physical health are so great that after reading this text you will hopefully spend some afternoon on the couch. replace with a walk in which low temperatures will not prevent you. číst dál