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Public utility workers wear reflective vest to work

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Public utility workers are recruited from the ranks of long-term clients Labor Office. Bohemian, like most other cities in the district of Karvina, concludes a contract with them for six months. číst dál
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Pedestrians: attention needs to be paid to reflective elements

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In 74 cases, which occurred on the day of All Saints, eight people died, 90 were injured and arrested 315 drunk drivers - inform the police. Most of the deaths - six people - are pedestrians. číst dál
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Reflective clothing specially prepared for athletes

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In the last round has been played extra league took place just two derby on Sparta paid tribute to the security forces and Slim goalie had a fight with his former band mate. On-line journal tried to choose the five most interesting moments of the 43rd round. číst dál