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Here are five tips to avoid being disturbed

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safety vest, Road Safety, reflective vestWhile long-term mortality statistics on the roads are increasingly positive, as data are lower year on year, if we look at the results more closely, in one case mortality has increased last year. More pedestrians with safety vest died in the cities. číst dál
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Do you want to be seen at night

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reflective material, reflective safety vests, reflective vestThe new technology with reflective material called "Bio-Motion" shifts people's night visibility to the next level. The principle is to illuminate not only your outline but also your movements. číst dál
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Reflective accessories for motorcycle safety equipment

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safety equipment,  reflective vest, high visibility vestThe Spanish firm specializing in the development of motorcycle safety equipment has launched a new line of accessories with which you can complete your outfit. The cold, the rain or the bad visibility are the factors with which these new Seventy Degrees products fight. číst dál
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More minors without high visibility vest died in traffic accidents

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high visibility vest, reflective vest, Road SafetyAlthough accident rates throughout the country tend to decrease, the number of minors killed in traffic accidents has increased. The number of minors without high visibility vest who die in traffic accidents has increased, according to recently published data. Although traffic accident rates have fallen recently, children and adolescents continue to form a large part of the victims of road accidents. číst dál
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Drivers receive reflective vests

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 11. 4. 2018 | přečteno: 155× | komentáře: 0
reflective vests, safety vest , reflective elementsThe decree, which makes the incorporation of this element mandatory in the safety kit of private cars, trucks, taxis and other motorized vehicles, will come into force on January 1. Drivers receive reflective vests that will be of mandatory use from January 1 číst dál
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The Civil Guard will increase the controls of road safety

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safety vest, safety belt, road safetyTraffic remembers that the driving "has to adapt the speed to the weather conditions of the moment and to the state of the road" The Traffic Group of the Civil Guard has warned on Monday that will increase alcohol and drug control during the Easter holidays in Galicia, and also will check the safety vest for themselves. číst dál