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Drivers will wear reflective elements to clean their car from snow

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 31. 7. 2015 | přečteno: 360× | komentáře: 0
Drivers have probably soon will be required to be cleaned before driving your car. Due outlook will remove snow and ice from the windscreen and side windows. číst dál
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Pedestrians better wear reflective element

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 23. 7. 2015 | přečteno: 360× | komentáře: 0
Proposed amendment to the road, which is currently in interdepartmental management, plans to introduce a requirement for pedestrians moving along the unlit side of the road or on the side of the road to be wearing reflective elements. Among the new products is the duty of the driver cleaned the vehicle before driving. číst dál
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Two-wheeler drivers shall wear reflective vest

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 21. 7. 2015 | přečteno: 375× | komentáře: 0
"Put reflection" - is the slogan latest awareness campaign aimed at motorcyclists and scooter users. The campaign launched on Thursday by the Municipal Roads in Warsaw is to encourage drivers of two-wheelers to wear reflective vests. číst dál
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Built-up area needs safety vest and reflective tape

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 17. 7. 2015 | přečteno: 375× | komentáře: 0
In September and October there are 464 accidents on the roads of the region in which 22 pedestrians without wearing safety vest were killed and another 104 were injured. Circumstances most of them are very similar, and in virtually all cases pedestrians were not carrying anything made of reflective strip. Recall, from September after dark and outside built-up need to carry a vest or helmet with reflective tape in a prominent place. Last Friday, there was a tragic accident. 35-year-old resident of Booklice in the municipality of Cornice was fatally hit by a passenger Audi. 49-year-old driver... číst dál
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Pedestrians: attention needs to be paid to reflective elements

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 15. 7. 2015 | přečteno: 461× | komentáře: 0
In 74 cases, which occurred on the day of All Saints, eight people died, 90 were injured and arrested 315 drunk drivers - inform the police. Most of the deaths - six people - are pedestrians. číst dál
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Importance of survival suits with reflective tape

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 13. 7. 2015 | přečteno: 360× | komentáře: 0
We rowed supported lifejackets and survival suits with reflective tape. Lying on his back, we saw only on a gray sky. At one side of the raft - it is not clear. So sometimes we journalists of various publications, recorded in the first training of maritime safety, marine patrol officers in command: "Right, right!", If we deviate from the policy of saving orange house, bobbing on the waves. číst dál
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Protect motorists with reflective tape

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 11. 7. 2015 | přečteno: 365× | komentáře: 0
If a message from us can prevent one collision, it's just good. Our goal's not handing out as many fines as possible. Our job is to prevent crime. Said police superintendent Haggier Rumsfeld, who wears the uniform with reflective strips, spent Saturday mornings out on the road. At the start of the weekend he embarked following message face book group "Avoid police checks! číst dál
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Risk of motorcycle accidents: reflective clothing is a necessity

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 9. 7. 2015 | přečteno: 386× | komentáře: 0
Traffic and Patrols Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police have warned of the risk of motorcycle accidents when both the drivers and the pedestrians are not wearing reflective clothing, certain to intensify traffic awareness and control to ensure the availability of safety on the roads. číst dál
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Functional sports gear with reflective tape

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 7. 7. 2015 | přečteno: 341× | komentáře: 0
Functional pants, gloves and functional sports armband with reflective tape - these three elements of safety gear were runner in the package addressed to our editorial staff. Lid has priced them accordingly at 34.99, 14.99 and 14.99 PLN. Prices - much affordable. Question – how are the quality of the offered goods? Let us, therefore do individual components. číst dál
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Real heroes in reflective fabric clothing

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 3. 7. 2015 | přečteno: 368× | komentáře: 0
Beginning the game with Karlovy Vary slightly stretched and it is because the pre-match program drove the ice police cars, rescue workers, soldiers and firefighters, from which gradually performed real heroes wearing clothing made of reflective fabric. číst dál
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Reflective vest required for two-wheelers drivers

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 1. 7. 2015 | přečteno: 344× | komentáře: 0
Strict controls, especially in two-wheelers should lead to lower accident rates, some 12,000 are registered per year, this caused illness and care costs in about a million dollars. So reflective clothing is very important for two-wheelers drivers. číst dál