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How to choose high visibility clothing correctly

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high visibility clothing,reflective material,reflective tapesThe professionalism in the works is a prerequisite for everything to go well and in some jobs, in addition to the qualities of the professional, a characteristic dress is required, either to give an image or to make sure that the workers are seen for reasons of security. číst dál
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Use of reflective tapes will be mandatory from September

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reflective tapesWith this measure for cargo and passenger vehicles, the Government seeks to reduce road accidents. číst dál
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Here are the rules

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reflective vestIt is time to finish the jungle of the many small electric vehicles that are now that circulate on roads and sidewalks: the Ministry of Transport has published the decree, concerning experimentation of the micromobilità the electricity that will come into force on next July 27. Now, however, auditors must make resolutions to make it usable. Otherwise - it repeats - you will be able to use, neither on the road nor on the sidewalks. číst dál
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"Do not be the next victim"

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reflective vestThe Prefecture launches this Monday, a great campaign of communication of road safety. Since the beginning of the year, twelve people have lost their lives on the roads in Guadeloupe. An assessment that the authorities want to lower. číst dál
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I am a yellow vest

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reflective tapes,reflective vestI am a yellow vest. I took the dust under the front seat of the cars, along with the warning triangle and the breathalyzer. And here I am, the little yellow, the equal of the red cap of 2013. číst dál
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Mandatory equipment in 2019: No bulbs, fuses and spare wheel

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reflective vestThe reflective vest and warning triangle remain číst dál
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Karl Lagerfeld, the first yellow vest

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safety vest A clothing accessory to be immediately worn by any driver after "having to leave a vehicle immobilized on the road or in its surroundings following an emergency stop", according to the French Road Code. The lack of a yellow safety vest and the reflective triangle in the car endures a fine of 135 euros. číst dál
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" Without reflex you are like a gray spot"

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reflective vest,reflective tapes,reflective materials"It doesn't matter if you look like a Christmas tree, only you can see," says Camilla Fri-Bergström at the Raseborg police. Without reflexes, you melt into the surroundings, at least sixth grade in the Katarina school in Karis. číst dál
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The new school leaders help children across the street

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reflective jacketEleven traffic helpers from the seventh grade of the Waldorf School Werra-Meißner now deployed every day at the crosswalk in Eschwege. číst dál
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60% of drivers do not remember having overtaken a cyclist after having done it

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high visibility jacket,reflective vest,sew on reflective tapeThe study is the result of a survey conducted on 1,031 drivers in the neighboring municipality of Pozuelo de Alarcon, who has overtaken a cyclist on a street and who have been asked if they have been aware of it during their journey, and in case affirmative, if they have perceived any type of risk. číst dál
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Wearing reflections is not "embarrassing"

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reflective vests,sew on reflective tapesA total of 7.5 thousand reflective bandages, 3.5 thousand hangers, and over 1 thousand reflective vests will go to the inhabitants of the Chrzanów. All this so that they are better visible on the road, especially in the unbuilt area after dark. číst dál
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Reflectors and vests for cyclists

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reflective vests,reflective tapes,reflective materialsThe Pomeranian Traffic Center together with the police organizes an educational campaign aimed at improving the safety of cyclists on the roads. In the first week of July, in a few places in Pomerania, they will give away reflective elements, like reflective vests, reflective tapes to cyclists traveling along paths. In Gdansk, they will appear on Thursday, July 4. číst dál
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"See and be seen - Only candlesticks drive without light"

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reflective materials,reflective vestsUntil Thursday, the City of Schwerte is organizing the campaign "Seeing and being seen - only candlesticks without light" by the AGFS (Working Group for Bicycle and Pedestrian Friendly Cities and Towns) in four schools in Schwerte in grades five and six. In four modules, students from different perspectives will be introduced to the subject of visibility in traffic by lighting and reflective materials. číst dál
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Scooter for the kids and safety vests for all

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reflective ribbonsHow do children and adults, especially in the dark season, safely get through the traffic? For more than 20 years, the members of the Verkehrsbetrick Nordenham would like to convey this to the very young. That's why every year they call all Bodenhamer kindergartens to participate in their traffic safety project. This time, the kindergartens from Abbehausen and Blixen as well as the kindergartens Mitte and St. Willehad were there. All of them have made different projects freely and differently for the main topic "Bright and Dark". číst dál
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Verkehrswacht Worms gets 4000 reflective bracelets

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safety vest,reflective tapes,reflective materialSo young cyclists are easily recognizable for other road users even in the dark season, the "AG for Child and Family" donates the snap bands. číst dál