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Reflectors protect pedestrians and cyclists

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reflective materials, safety vests, reflection surfacePay attention to fluorescent and reflective materials. číst dál
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Bulbs and reflectors for more safety

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road safety, reflective pendants, Reflective materialGood visibility is especially important for road safety in the dark season - not just for kids! We will show you how you can increase your safety with simple means. číst dál
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The woman almost hitting the preschoolers

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reflective vests, safety vestThe police have published a film on which the driver of an old Volkswagen Golf enforces priority over a group of preschoolers passing correctly after "belts.” The driver turned out to be a 68-year-old woman. The police had already stopped her driving license and sent the case to court. číst dál
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The guards in safety clothing visited the first graders

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safety clothing,reflective vests,reflective clothingThe city guards in safety clothing visited first graders from Primary School No. 9. The children learned how to pass through the pedestrian crossing. číst dál
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Let yourself be visible on a motorcycle

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high visibility clothes, reflective vest, reflective clothingCar drivers very often admit that there was an accident, because the motorcyclist did not notice. We suggest how you can improve your visibility on a motorcycle. číst dál
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Reflective equipments for "unprotected"

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reflective vests, reflective clothing, safety vestsAs part of the "Unprotected" activities, officers handed out reflective vests to pedestrians and cyclists, thus improving their visibility, which in the autumn-winter period is significantly limited číst dál
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The reflective vest can save your life

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 18. 5. 2018 | přečteno: 167× | komentáře: 0
reflective vest, reflective tape, reflective clothingIf he had a reflective vest, it probably would not have happened to the tragedy - says the police after a fatal accident in the Lublin region. The 39-year-old was walking along the road when it was already dark. He did not have a mandatory reflection. Reporter of the program "Poland and the World" reached the driver who hit the man. This is a cautionary tale. číst dál
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Not everything gold is shining - reflections

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reflective clothing,reflective vest, reflective vestAs promised in the previous article, once a month we will post information about reflective clothing for motorcyclists. Increase your visibility and thus improve your safety. The time has come for news from the world of flares. The first question should be "how do flares work"? číst dál
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Little highlanders took part in the Reflective school action

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road safety,reflective vestFor the second time Public Primary School No. 1 Association of Catholic School Friends of them. Andrej in Stare joined the 8th edition - the action "Reflective School", whose primary goal is to promote road safety. This year, kids from the facility came to Now Tag, where, dressed in vests and in the presence of teachers, they marched out of the Market Square for a walk around the streets. číst dál
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Is Reflective motorcycle clothes necessity or fad

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 15. 5. 2018 | přečteno: 183× | komentáře: 0
reflective accessory, reflective clothing, reflective materialAutumn is coming soon and the weather will not allow for frequent and long trips on a single track as if we wanted to. Driving after dark and in the dark will become an everyday necessity. It was then good to be visible and to see others. It is not necessary to explain the legitimacy of applying glare - this is how the article would start, but it will not start, if only because translation is necessary, especially among motorcyclists. číst dál
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Wear reflective vests to be visible at night

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reflective material, reflective tapes, reflective vestEvery pedestrian, which moves at dusk along the way outside the built-up area, must have a reflective material placed in a visible way for drivers. Many pedestrians comply with the new regulations; unfortunately, people who continue to risk their lives happen. Remember that a pedestrian dressed in a dark outfit is seen by the driver of the vehicle from a distance of about 40 meters. The pedestrian, wearing reflective elements, becomes visible even from a distance of 150 meters. číst dál
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Pedestrians must wear reflective clothing after dark

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reflective clothing,high visibility vest, reflective vestPedestrians who walk outside the built-up area after dark must wear reflective clothing. From September, reflections for pedestrians will be mandatory. There was not much left for the tragedy. Mrs. Alicia from Lodz was traveling with her husband for a holiday to the countryside. It was dark; the road was winding and narrow. číst dál
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What is worth to keep in the car for his safety

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safety equipments, safety vest, reflective vestWhat should be in the car varies from country to country. What are the Polish recipes? We systematize knowledge and suggest what else is worth having in your car for comfort and safety, like the safety equipments or triangles. číst dál
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Do not you wear a reflective vest

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Road traffic,Reflective tape, reflective vestOne of the most important safety rules is the principle of visibility. Road traffic participants should take care to be visible to others and be prepared to be able to observe the road and its surroundings. číst dál
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An educational bike rally for students of Primary School

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 8. 5. 2018 | přečteno: 170× | komentáře: 0
safety clothing, reflective vests, reflective clothing.District and traffic police officers in safety clothing from the Communist Party with the help of the Prawns Forest District under the action "I am safe for the entire school year" and "My bike, my life" organized a bike rally for students of Primary School No. 1. číst dál