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Safety vest,reflective fabricThe holidays are coming again, and the year can almost be closed again. Time to provide all business relations and clients with a fun, fitting promotional gift: incredibly important! A gift that shows that you appreciate the cooperation, and hopefully in the future, you can work together again. But what kind of business gifts do you send to your business relations, and which gifts suit an industry like construction? Do some inspiration here. číst dál
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The important element for the safety of children

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reflective clothing,Reflective tapes,reflective materialsThere are currently more than 180 adult school helpers and an additional 170 student guides in Landsteiner Ronstadt. "This is a top quota, and we are thus Bavaria with at the top," said Winfred Gehrig, who works as a traffic educator of the Loadstar police at the schools and is also responsible for the finances of the local traffic. In this capacity, he also moderated the annual Schulweghelfertreffen Schwarzenegger the savings bank. číst dál
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They protect them from robots

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reflective vests,reflective tapesThe Amazon Internet Reseller has developed new reflective vests for its warehouse staff. He wants to avoid the injuries that have arisen from contact with the robot droids. Those in the warehouse collect the goods and store the pallets in vacancies. The news came from The Independent and The Week. číst dál
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Make good use of the holiday

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 reflective vestJustin Drop is a little nervous. The 18-year-old is in the middle of the Pampa, on the edge of the farming community Tinge. As a marshal for the Landsteiner-Giro. And is a bit excluded from current information. "We are not tied to an internal messaging system. The current state where the cyclists are currently, I learn about the WN live ticker, "he says. číst dál
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The first candidates of the "yellow vests" for the EP elections

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reflective vests,Reflective fabrics,reflective tapesThe protesters' leadership from the middle of November of the so-called yellow vests announced their intention to create their own list for the May elections to the European Parliament. For now, 10 names of potential candidates were given. None of them has ever been a politician. číst dál
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Car and walking

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reflective clothing, reflective tapes,reflective materialWhen confronted with a car, the pedestrian has little chance of avoiding injuries. Modern technology, however, gives you the chance to prevent pedestrians from being hit by a car. These are systems that detect the presence of a pedestrian on the road in time. číst dál
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Safety vests as identification mark for helpers at the Brasher BOP

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safety vests,reflective vests,reflective tapesThe Brasher Cerberus-Orientations-Parcours, short BOP., In the Chapultepec is just around the corner. Helpers at this event are marked with safety vests this time. číst dál
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The gendarmes control the cyclists in the Venturous

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reflective vestThe gendarmes of the company Carpenter conducted a road check operation in the Venturous. An intervention intended to inform the numerous cyclists to launch to the assault of this mythical ascent but which can be dangerous. číst dál
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Half a thousand vests went to kindergartens and nurseries

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reflective vests ,reflective fabrics,reflective tapes300 reflective vests were founded by the Bridgestone factory and the rest of the city. číst dál
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Safe Christmas action

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reflective vests,reflective materialOut of concern for the safety of people traveling on the roads of the whole country on December 21-26, traffic policemen will conduct nationwide Safe Christmas activities 2018. číst dál
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3 urgent challenges to overcome the crisis of yellow vests

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reflective vests,reflective tapesThe yellow vests confirmed the democratic possibilities of the digital. And the fact that the lives of precarious citizens cannot be adjustment variables. číst dál