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The reflective vest is necessary

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 29. 6. 2017 | přečteno: 200× | komentáře: 0
The Highway Code defines the bicycle as a velocipede considering it as a real vehicle. To this must be fitted - as well as brakes and bell - with front lights to white or yellow and rear light to red light, and wear a reflective vest to light in poor visibility conditions or times, half an hour after sunset until half an hour before dawn, in galleries or tunnels, as well as rear red reflector and yellow on the pedals and on the sides. Specifically, as also noted the public notice of the municipal police, Article 182, Paragraph 9a of the Highway Code obliges to wear vest or suspenders with h... číst dál
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Children can’t be seen in the dark without reflective clothing

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 26. 6. 2017 | přečteno: 229× | komentáře: 0
In autumn and winter children in road traffic are particularly vulnerable, a reflective vest can make children be seen and be safer. But for a safe way to school in the dark, rain and ice, parents can do a lot - even without "Taxi services". číst dál
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10 bases run in the winter for safety

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 21. 6. 2017 | přečteno: 235× | komentáře: 0
Running on is no wrong weather, so we can successfully train even in winter. The running more that it is a sport stress, which causes the human body, generates thermal energy. But remember a few rules: use them to make the running will be a comfortable, pleasant and bring you a lot of satisfaction sports. Wear reflective vest can protect you on road. číst dál
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As cyclists protect themselves by reflective material

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 19. 6. 2017 | přečteno: 220× | komentáře: 0
Who is also in the dark season with the bike on the road, should pay particular attention to the lighting and high visibility clothing. The ADFC Grevenbroich is also other tips for cycling in winter. číst dál
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Lifesaver with bespoke safety clothing

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 13. 6. 2017 | přečteno: 248× | komentáře: 0
No more garish orange and black: The Hanover Fire Department moves immediately closed in sand-colored uniforms inserts. On Tuesday, the last rescuers who are received their new protective equipment. For this, all 1,350 Firefighters’ safety clothing with reflective tape was measured individually. číst dál
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Unusual reflective gadgets for outdoor fan

Stellaqi.bloger.cz (») | 6. 6. 2017 | přečteno: 232× | komentáře: 0
Days and nights are becoming warmer, thinking about what drives planned holiday and the associated holiday trip. Many of us are also planning short weekend trips outside the city. Regardless of the number of days spent in nature, the more cautious now wondering what clothes to take equipment and travel bag. Meet some unusual gadgets by reflective material, combining elegance, durability and versatility. Naturally, all available at leading Polish sports stores - outdoor. číst dál