Two cyclists died after being hit by a SITP bus in downtown Bogota

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One of the victims lasted almost a week fighting for his life, but he did not survive. Only last January, 26 bicycle users died in the country.

Juan David Escarole, one of the cyclists who died, was 31 years old. According to his relatives, he dedicated himself to creating functional bicycles. He was part of several groups of cyclists in the city.

He lost his life last Saturday after being hit by the bus when he was traveling in the seventh race with 36th Street next to his partner.

The person accompanying him was transferred to the San Ignacio hospital, where he did not manage to overcome after several days with a reserved prognosis.

On the bus driver, the chief of police of the Traffic Police, Captain Henry Castro, said that "he was transferred to Legal Medicine where he is tested for drunkenness and discarded. Subsequently, he is left as a suspect before the Prosecutor's Office for the crime of murder. "

Authorities remember the need for all road actors to respect traffic rules, including cyclists, who must move around authorized areas and wear a helmet and reflective vest with reflective tapes.

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