Public danger on the road

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A step of tragedy on the road connecting Soroptimist to Buzzards. Two men and three horses were hit by the car on Thursday evening after the driver did not notice them walking on the road in the dark. The two wanted to bring the animals up to Soroptimist.

The incident occurred Thursday night, climbing the bridge at Albino. The two people bought the animals from Immigration Dragnet locality and left with them, on foot, to Immigration, in the South Railway Station area.

They were walking down the road without any reflective material. When climbing the bridge, people and animals were not seen in time due to darkness by the driver of a Dacha Logan car.

In the dark, reflective clothing and reflective tapes are very important, and even have the opportunity to save lives.

The man could not avoid them and hit the two and the horses. After the impact, one of the animals was picked up with the broken leg, and the two owners were injured, but they refused to transport to the hospital.

Immediately after the accident, the two took the animals and continued their journey to Soroptimist. But they went on the edge of the road to the South Railway Station.

Meanwhile, even at the moment when the intervention forces were on the scene of the first incident, a few kilometers away, another accident occurred in Emotive. There, a truck hit an unsigned carriage, and the horse that dragged him lost his life.

Fortunately, none of the incidents resulted in human casualties.

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