50 safety vests for kindergarten

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In their new safety vests, the little ones of the kindergarten followed the video of the traffic education they saw yesterday morning. For the planned bike.

A bicycle day is not unusual for the kids of the Kindergarten. Once a month it is on the program. However, head Silke Lange admits to our newspaper that it was somewhat problematic in the last six months. The public road behind the kindergarten cannot be easily blocked ... Now, the parking lot or the fire department area.

Yesterday, however, the day was very special, even if you could not use the wheels because of the weather. In the morning namely, the children got a visit from the company ATU. Representatives of the workshop and retail chain brought the children 50 reflective safety vests. Proud as the Spaniards, the little ones ran around in the facility. And so that they were used symbolically right, the educators played a video for traffic safety to the little ones. The so-called melon test showed how wearing a helmet and a reflective vest with reflective tape affects one's own safety and learned other important things about behavior on the road.

Not only the children but also Silke Lange was happy about the present. Therefore, the institution had applied last year in the ATU campaign fireflies. It did not work out, it was successful this year. Of the 105 registered children, 30 are new school children for whom the vest with reflective material plays a major role. But you can also use them differently, for example, during trips to the kindergarten, in order to recognize the glowing immediately.

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