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Police officers from the Traffic Department carried out activities that were associated not only with the controls of unprotected road users. There was also education and preventive activities.

The aim of the action was to encourage as many pedestrians as possible to use reflective vests, not only after dark outside the built-up area. In addition, the conviction that it is also worth having reflections in the built-up area on unlit or poorly lit sections of roads.

Yesterday twenty WRD policemen carried out the action. During it, the police revealed 6 pedestrians who were crossing the street in prohibited places. On the other hand, 4 cyclists had incorrect lighting and 4 also went along the pedestrian crossing. Cyclists also committed 17 other offenses. Police officers used instructions for all these people.

The action was also associated with education because the policemen handed reflective vests with reflective tapes to the participants of the movement. They are especially helpful in the current weather aura. He was happy that the bikers who were given bikers dressed them immediately. Reflective materials were funded by the Eldership.

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