Safe on the way to school with the three OBI markets in the region

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At the three OBI stores in Rosenheim, parents can now pick up a safety vest for their charges. Here is the coupon for:

With a great action, the three OBI stores to support the start of school this week support the ABC shooters in the region.

With this voucher parents receive a free safety vest for their charges.

How does it work?

Just sign up for the coupon on September 24th at one of the three markets and you'll get a safety vest with the funny OBI beaver imprinted on your back, while stocks last. So it must be fast - on to OBI! There is a safety vest per coupon.

Not just the kids: A great action from OBI! But even if they are now safer on the road, a request has all school students still: GAS WAY, dear drivers!

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