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The high visibility vests that the protesters dress since last November 17 are out of stock in many stores.

The "yellow vest" or more precisely the high visibility vest has become the star garment of the moment. Despite the violence that occurred on the Champs-Élysées, on Saturday, November 24, the "yellow vests" do not demobilize. To display the colors of the movement, you must have this vest that has become one of the best-selling accessories in the Auto section of e-commerce sites.

Whether offered individually at 7.90 Euros or in a pack of 4 for just over 11.39 Euros, the yellow vest trusted and first place in the category of motorcycle Amazon. But if you intend to participate in the mobilization or just put you in order by law, Discount offers an unbeatable offer: 1.79 euro per unit. Just like on the site, where the famous vest with reflective material is posted at just 2.99 Euros.

This yellow fever is not only virtual. Many stores across France have been or are still out of stock. According to The Republic of the Pyrenees, in the center of car located in Pau, there were more yellow jackets on Tuesday, November 20. This is also the case for many stores that have been beset by buyers. Record sales were confirmed, which did not want to give the figures for this increase, nor to specify which regions were the most concerned.

Where does the yellow vest come from?

The "yellow vest" or high-visibility vest was invented during the Second World War by the American Bob Switzer to dress construction workers. This entrepreneur had used as his first prototype the wedding dress of his wife on which he had affixed a mixture of paint and fluorescent minerals. In France, this garment is now worn by workers on construction sites, by some security agents, and since 2008 by all motorists.

On the road, a driver who does not have his reflective clothing with himself is liable to a violation of the fourth class: a fixed fine of 135 € and a fine minus 90 €. "It's yellow, it's ugly, it does not go with anything, but it can save your life", said the famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld in a road safety, in 2008: After all, this yellow vest is not created to be beautiful. It is meant to be seen.

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