What do you need to know to travel to Uzbekistan by car?

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The neighboring country attracts with its teahouses, ancient monuments, and low prices. And what about the traffic cop?

Since 2017, the flow of tourists from Kazakhstan to Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva has noticeably increased. Many go to a neighboring country by car. What do you need to know motorists, going on a journey?

At the customs post of Uzbekistan, the driver is obliged to declare the imported car, so even while still in the queue, take the forms (two copies) in the window and fill them in saving time. Currency cannot be declared if you have less than $ 2,000 per person. From above - enter in the declaration, it is necessary, report kolesa.kz.

The contents of the trunk and cabin fold into bags or bags - they are forced to drive through the scanner.

Do not take in Uzbekistan any means of self-defense such as cartridges with gas, and especially weapons. Maximum - a penknife for domestic needs.

At the border, you can selectively check your Smartphone - the contents of galleries and even chats, a laptop or a USB flash drive on a camera. What is looking for? Extremist content and obscene photos and videos.

Passengers with their luggage pass through a separate corridor on foot.

At home, buy small dollars before the trip - at the border, you will need to pay for a temporary import insurance policy and an OPAG policy.

Traffic rules (SDA) of the Republic of Uzbekistan are based on the Soviet rules, moreover, Uzbekistan is among the member countries that signed the Vienna Convention. Therefore, in many respects our traffic rules are similar. But, as elsewhere, there are differences.

You can turn right to red if you see such a sign under the traffic light. Of course, you need to skip cars that move to green.

70 km / h is the maximum allowed speed for cars in populated areas, 10 km / h higher than in Kazakhstan.

100 km / h are permitted outside cities and villages, and there is no division, as we have. Everywhere there is a "stolnik" - with or without a road separator on motorways, which, by the way, we did not meet in Uzbekistan.

From one village to another. On the track, sometimes you have to keep your foot under control, or it's easy to run into a camera or radar.

The cars on the ring are always the main road. Even if you didn’t see the "Give way" sign before entering the roundabout, you still have to miss the cars moving in a circle.

Parking is allowed only parallel to the edge of the carriageway. Although a mess with a parking lot on the sides of the lot, this fact should be borne in mind.

Seat belts are obligatory. In fact, only a few of them use it, and then only drivers, since no one fines a passenger for the absence of a belt. We always fastened. Safety is paramount.

Child seats are only required if the child (under 12) rides in the front seat. If driven in the back, up to 12 years are allowed to not even wear it. We did not notice a single seat in the cars of Uzbekistan - children, like peas, ride all over the cabin, without fear of traffic cops.

Do I have to turn on the headlights in the afternoon? Yes, ride with dipped in the city and beyond. If the car is running standard DRL, headlights cannot be included.

It is forbidden to use monitors of multimedia systems in front of the cabin for watching video while driving. Only navigation or review from outdoor cameras. If the monitors are built into the rear of the cabin, no problem, look at anything.

In Uzbekistan, on the road, you need to have a driver's license, registration certificate (SRTS), insurance policy OPAG. Kazakhstan rights are valid. If you are not the owner of the car, and he does not travel with you, you need a power of attorney certified by a notary. If the car is framed as a legal entity, then a power of attorney issued on company letterhead signed by the director with the seal will fit.

Insurance is important

When entering the territory of Uzbekistan, the local policy will need to be issued. If several drivers are planned to be driving, they must be indicated in the policy, or it must be issued to an unlimited number of persons.


For cars registered in Uzbekistan, required, but for foreign - nowhere said. However, I would recommend grabbing a printout with you if your car is subject to passing MOT (over seven years old).

First aid kit, fire extinguisher, warning triangle. What else? Add a reflective vest to this standard set, it is prescribed in the Traffic Code as mandatory.

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