We will advise you on five important steps to take in an accident

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It can be a banal "knock", but also a serious traffic accident. In a few points, we'll briefly summarize how to proceed correctly and what to remember.

A road accident, but also a common accident, is a very stressful moment for everyone involved. These are five important steps to take in an accident that you should not forget.

They are very important and some may depend on life. If you cannot act rationally in stressful situations, write them down and drop the list in the front passenger compartment, you never know when they can get you.


Remember three important things. Before getting out of the car or immediately afterward, let other drivers know that something is happening. Warning signs, dressed reflective vest and properly positioned triangle at a sufficient distance is just the foundation. The first two steps do not require any reflection, with the positioning of the triangle is already worse and many situations we have experienced.

In general, the warning triangle should be located 50 meters from the vehicle (or in the municipality, there may be less if circumstances require). On the highway, this distance is twice as much - a hundred meters.

Ultimately, you have to evaluate where its location makes sense. If you are in a confusing corner, be sure to place it in front of it to warn drivers of the danger in good time. It is also better to place the triangle at the edge of the road than in the middle of the lane.

When traffic is heavy, move the road only minimally, only when necessary. However, always take extreme care and be aware of where the danger may come from.

Always try to find out where you are before you call for help. If you don't know, ask passers-by. Quickly turn on the map when you're out and holding your Smartphone. Without this information, emergency services will not know where to send help. If you are in an unknown place and alone, notice at least significant clues to help determine your location.

If you can see that someone is calling somewhere, make sure they call the emergency services if necessary. It is not unusual that people in crises first call family or acquaintances and forget to call for help, or think that the other does. Help is not in sight.

Be careful not to assist if you are a driver involved. You can even be prosecuted for it - it is always better to do something than regret it.

Print out a claim form

Still, many participants forget this step because they think it is unnecessary. Always, always repeat, write down this form with the counterparty in the event of a loss event. Make sure the data is correct. No one cares about drawing a sketch-like a cat. However, do not let the talk that the form does not need to write. You may have unnecessary problems with the insurance company and you will cover the repair costs "from your pocket".

Do you know the motto "it is better to see once than hear a hundred times"? This also applies to accidents. Original position and damage is only the basis. Photography (unadjusted) is a very important source of objective information. Memory and words are often not so objective. Also, you can forget or change some essential details. Nowadays, good quality Smartphone do not pose any significant problem and should not be forgotten.

Contact the insurance company

Call the insurance contact center immediately after the accident and report your claim. You can do it by phone or often with the mobile application, or personally.

If you are the culprit, you have an important duty. With the above-mentioned accident form, you have to go personally to the insurance company. If you do not do so, the damaged person can also do so. It shall then be documented in writing. However, there are also 15 days if this happens in Slovakia and 30 days abroad.

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