Visible on the road

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Third grade students wear safety vest from two elementary schools took part in the next edition of the meeting "Safe & Unprotected" jointly conducted by MZK and Police Headquarters. The third meeting of the MZK Depot at Street was the third in the B & N campaign. It was held under the slogan "Visible on the road". Approximately 80 students from Elementary School No. 1 and 10 attended the meeting.

Students had the opportunity to come by bus to MZK headquarters, where in the lecture room company employees in reflective uniforms discussed the principles of safe and cultural travel by public transport. However, the officers of the Police Headquarters explained how to safely navigate the public road, how to cross the road and how to be visible after dark.

Children received leaflets about desired behavior in public transport, reflective elements: reflective vests and tags. This was another meeting promoting traffic safety knowledge. The program covers children of grades I-III of all primary schools.

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