Mandatory equipment in 2019: No bulbs, fuses and spare wheel

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The reflective vest and warning triangle remain

In the autumn of last year, the Ministry of Transport modified the mandatory car regulations to better reflect modern times. As of October 1, 2018, you no longer need to carry a set of spare bulbs. Similarly, a set of fuses disappears from the mandatory equipment. Of course, a responsible motorist can carry on at least basic bulbs and fuses. She just won't be fined for not having them in her car.

The prescription for first aid kits has also changed. Newly, a first aid kit without a three-pointed scarf, drape or patch with a pad is sufficient. And it won't have to be changed for expiration. So if you have an older medicine kit, it's okay. Only the equipment of the first-aid kit used must be changed. The ministry originally wanted to throw the scissors out of the first-aid kit, but they remained.

In a brief infographic, the Ministry of Transport explained what compulsory equipment fell from October 1, 2018:

The amendment to the Decree on the approval of technical competence and on the technical conditions of operation of vehicles on roads. Also simplifies and clarifies the obligation to carry a spare wheel and equipment necessary for its replacement, such as a hand lift.

"Vehicles with a spare tire do not need to carry a spare wheel while indicating a defect. The vehicles can also have a reserve location for the repair of a damaged tire. The third exception is vehicles that have a secured assistance service that provides for the replacement or repair of a damaged tire continuously throughout the Czech Republic," the Ministry of Transport said earlier.

Thus, only the reflective vest and the warning triangle remain without compulsory equipment. Of course, you still have to carry a first aid kit, just change its compulsory composition and adjust the conditions for its validity. All those who do not have a puncture assistance service or have a run-flat-free vehicle must continue to use the spare/full wheel (and the wheel/jack key). Similarly, even if you have assistance, you can carry the reserve. Everyone should consider it, whether he wants to wait for the tow or he can change the bike in ten minutes.

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