The fire heat bounces off them

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Safer and more convenient: The volunteer fire brigade Steinenbronn has bought new operational safety clothing. A uniform costs 1000 euros.

Stefan Turata wears his fire uniform for more than ten years. And the missions have left their mark. The reflective tapes are already dissolving. "The first broken," says the commander of the volunteer fire Steinenbronn. Also, the fabric is frayed in some places. But the new uniforms for him and his comrades are already in sight. They are stored in boxes in a corner of the guard's lounge. A new uniform costs 1000 euros. Overall, the new operational clothing for the assets of the weir with 55 000 euros to book.

Quickly available

Turata's colleague, second deputy commander Sven Horvath, is already wearing new clothes to show what's different. "We ordered them in sand colors because they are more visible," says Horvath. The firefighters carry them always in operations, not only in fires but also when they help after traffic accidents. Another advantage of the new uniform is that it belongs to the standard program of the manufacturer. "That way, uniforms can be delivered to more members faster than if the company has to wait until they have enough jobs in orange."

Horvath opens his new jacket. "She has an air cushion in here, which absorbs the heat during a fire," he says. Before the firefighters ordered the new uniforms, some of them tested it. "We also paid attention to the wearing comfort," says Horvath. Because when deployed they would have to concentrate entirely on their work. The pants are high cut, have wide straps and are partly reinforced. "Because we often work on our knees," says Horvath. Compared to former uniforms and helmets, the forces would have to adapt. "They're so close now that we do not feel the heat in a fire," says Horvath.

Heat not noticeable

Soon, all his colleagues will get the volunteer fire department the new operational clothing. "We just have to sort them out and provide them with the personnel number. Then we can swap them for the old ones. "The fact that these are now worn out after more than ten years also has to do with the operations of the armed forces. "After every fire, we have to wash them because of the toxins," says Sven Horvath. Previously, they were less often washed to save the material.

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