The Czech Trade Inspection Authority controlled reflective strips for pedestrians

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This year, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority completed a control action aimed at meeting the basic requirements for reflective tapes. Specifically, these were photometric requirements according to EN 13356, requirements for marking of reflective tapes, including CE marking and requirements for providing further information on the product. Inspectors were interested in reflective tapes when checking purchases to protect consumers when traveling in low visibility on the roadside or on the roadside in a place that is not illuminated by public lighting.

The Czech Trade Inspection Authority inspected 37 economic operators - distributors. In total, 37 types of products were checked and 33 of them found deficiencies when reflective tapes did not meet the requirements of the photometric parameters, the CE marking requirements, or other reporting obligations. Nearly 90% of the reflective strips checked failed.

The Czech Trade Inspection Authority imposed a ban on the distribution of certain products to inspected entities or ordered the removal of the deficiencies found. So far, 27 fines amounting to CZK 317,000 have been lawfully imposed as part of the inspection action.

The Czech Trade Inspection Authority recommends consumers who use reflective tapes under reduced visibility to purchase reflective tapes that are provided with the mandatory information, such as CE marking, identification data for the manufacturer and product. The inspections showed that the products meeting these legal obligations also had retro-reflective properties.

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