"See and be seen"

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The class 5d of the comprehensive school found the super project.

Until Thursday, the city of Schwerte organizes the action "Seeing and being seen" of the AGFS (working group bicycle and pedestrian friendly cities and municipalities) in four schools. The project is allowed in grades 5 & 6. In four modules, the students will be introduced to the topic of traffic visibility through lighting and reflective materials or reflective vests from different perspectives.

Module 1 "The Black Box" recreates a street at night, showing cyclists with and without light. It illustrates how important lighting is on the bicycle. Module 2 "Bike Check - The Regulations Coming Soon" introduces the parts of the StVO that are important for "seeing and being seen". In Module 3 "Repair Course - Tips and Tricks for self-help" the students are shown, which deficiencies they can give their bicycle lights and how they can repair them themselves. Module 4 "Being Seen" brings closer reflective tapes for the bicycle that play a big role in the dark. The functions of the reflective elements are experienced on a darkened wall with a viewfinder with light function.

On Monday the action started at the comprehensive school. "The action was a great success for everyone involved," the city writes in a media release.

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