On an adventure tour around the Spree

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Fifteen Spremberger students got to know their homeland in new ways.

What a great holiday start! Many students had applied for the adventure tour at the dealership Schulze, for 15 girls and boys of the primary school Knollenberg it was said: you are there! This adventure tour has two goals. On the one hand, the understanding of the native environment, getting to know regional peculiarities, as well as natural and socio-scientific contexts, should be promoted. On the other hand, such a multi-day company contributes to the character formation, because it is not without reason: in the team by "fat and thin". The children learn their own limits and learn to respect the opinions of others in a small space, to support each other - this is another challenge during this tour.

On the morning of July 6, Anja Ruhe from the Autohaus Schulze and the branch manager Spremberg Max Schulze handed each child a backpack, each with a bread box, water bottle, reflective tape for the arm or leg, reflex light for the backpack and a rain poncho. In addition, there was a diary with good wishes, which is to be filled every day by the children with their experiences and a Teddy, who assists the group on their hike. Accompanied by school social worker Uwe Selge and headmistress Heike Pfeiffer, the children climbed into the support vehicle and started their first destination, Niedergurig. From there, the first hike led to Wartha, where a visit to a village school museum and a nature trail were planned. Stayed at the campsite. The next day the trek led from Wartha to Klitten, combined with a visit to an old church.

There was a lot of information about coal lore and then lots of fun on the Bärwalder See. The next station Boxberg was well filled in addition to swimming with a lake cruise and the visit of the Protestant community center and overnight there. Unknown territory in the double sense of the word was opened to the students the next day when visiting the site of the Bundeswehr in Neustadt, and at the meeting with the nature expert Lenni Piltz many questions were answered. After the last night, we, unfortunately, went back to Spremberg. Everyone had fun on the informative hike on the Spree. On the arrival at the small market in Spremberg, there was a real little reception on the 10th of July: parents, friends and the sponsors were waiting for the children, who of course had a lot to tell. Five eventful days lie behind the students and their companions. The concept has worked out and encourages further annual adventure tours at the beginning of the holiday season in order to discover new destinations in our home country in different ways.

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