Gift ideas: super reflective stripes for circles

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Would you like to give something useful to your motorcyclist friend? Perhaps here is the right idea for you.

Do you have a friend or acquaintance with motorcyclists and don't know what to give him for the Christmas holidays? Would you like something useful that could also increase your safety on the road? Well, maybe there's something here for you, suggested by the French Bikes in The Fast Lane.

It is a special reflective tape for motorcycles, such as those used to emphasize the outline of the circles, but which has a particularity: it is much more 'luminous' than those that are usually found on the market, which makes it particularly effective in case of night driving. Its powerful reflective effect makes the wheels extremely visible in the dark when illuminated by an external light source - for example, the headlights of a car - increasing the visibility and safety of the rider. To get an idea, just take a look at the images, where the lighting effect is stimulated only by the 'flash' of the camera.

These special reflective materials made by Custom Tailor have a width of 8 mm and are already "curved to fit the normal standard 17 "wheels. By day they look merely "decorative", while at night they can make the bike look like a vehicle from science fiction movies. The product is available on Amazon in four colors - yellow, orange, red and blue - at a price of € 32.99, and if the gift does not satisfy the receiver, let him know that it can always be used to decorate next year's Christmas tree.

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