New uniforms for Ambulance intervention crews

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Onboard crews will have new uniforms by the end of this year. According to the latest legislative provisions, the employees of the County Ambulance Service (SAJ) Suceava must abandon the equipment in the colors red and navy, for others orange and navy, but also with reflective strips.

For new acquisitions, the unit's management needs approximately 300,000 lei, money that will be secured from the unit's own funds. According to the law, which came into force in early 2011, the equipment will be of two types: summer uniform, consisting of a cap, shirt, shirt, reflective vest, trousers and shoes, and winter uniform, comprising shirt, jacket, coat quilted, padded pants and boots.

The new ones will be made by a company in Bucharest

The new ones will be provided by a Bucharest firm, which won the tender recently organized by the SAJ for clothes.

"The current equipment is quite worn out. They have been replaced over the course of time, but since the beginning of the year, since the law has entered into force, we have not been allowed to buy any more. According to the new law, it will be a unitary uniform throughout the country, because at the moment the ambulance intervention personnel have different equipment, set by the leadership of each unit. There are counties that have uniforms with white and blue, others with green and white, the last ones worn by colleagues in the Netherlands and arrived in Romania through sponsorship. Now it is hoped that the population will be able to better identify the ambulance intervention crew in order to avoid confusion. When I see the uniform, people must immediately associate with SAJ staff and not with SMURD, for example, "said the medical director of Suceava County Ambulance Service, Dr. Mihaela Abalaşei.

283 salaried employees from the SAJ, who are part of the intervention staff, will benefit by the end of the year by the new outfits.

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