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With the onset of autumn, risk of collision also increased with a pedestrian. The driver in the morning or evening twilight when the windshield from the outside air condenses moisture from the inside and still did not manage ventilation in unheated motor dissolve haze pedestrians in drab clothes on the road overlooked.

"I drive a car at dusk and some pedestrians are not at all visible, especially when the windscreen a few rain drops. Just yesterday I stepped off the curb into the path of an elderly lady. We drove slowly, slammed on the brakes and stopped immediately. But if it was frosty, I'm not sure how it would turn out, "she said Martina Bártíková.

Eva Stulíková of Benešov police about the need for reflective accessories in traffic, especially for school children, speaks during discussions. "Not only pedestrians, but also joggers and people walking his dogs would have," said a police officer.

Children's outdoor clothing patches is usually accompanied by reflecting light already in production, but adults, especially those born earlier axiom "be seen" and do not respect the suitability of reflective elements on the clothing idea.

"The iron-on reflective strips so far not much interest. We had a ball of tape here about ten years before I doprodala. Children iron-on reflective images here I have a few, but if MPs change the law and will be on clothes for adults obligatory, not a problem to frontload, "explained Květoslava Kůsová of goods in Tyršův street.

Adhesive can handle Pat and Mat

"The adhesive can be handled by anyone who can iron," she haberdashery owner. Reflective ribbons or children's reflective sticker ranges 15 to 18 crowns. The material can withstand reasonable laundering.

John Vrňáková of custom tailoring Luna in neighboring passage now reflective patches on clothes is not available. "But it is a problem in the wholesale order. Their sewing sleeves on jackets, for example, would cost about thirty crowns. If it were a bigger part on the back and had to rip lining, so roughly sixty crowns, "John Vrňáková estimated from the treatment plant Tyrš clothes in the street.

Asian businessman on the second floor of the store after Star to request the reflective add-on garment without hesitation pointed to one of the many shelves. "Strip, shine!” said the young Asian man.

Reflective elements will be compulsory

In the interdepartmental comment procedure is now an amendment to the Act in which it is proposed some amendments regarding safety on the roads. "Where missing sidewalks or street lighting, will have newly pedestrians to use reflective elements," said Transport Minister Anthony Prachař.

The measure has so much to contribute to the prevention of conflicts of people with vehicles in places that are poorly lit and at the same time they lack sidewalks. For pedestrians, this means acquisition of any reflective clothing accessory. So it will not be on duty to wear a reflective vest as such.

Manufacturers of clothing, especially sports or work, already use reflective elements automatically. If you already wear reflective element has a walker that meets the new obligation that Parliament should vote for in the next year, so that the entire amendment of the road could pay by next winter.

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