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The new TourShell suit is the successor to the great predecessor, valued by motorcyclists for durability, functionality and simple and timeless elegance. BMW TourShell is a proposal for all those who expect comfort and effective protection against weather conditions during fast motorcycle tourism in sport style.

Comfort is the first of the priorities that designers made while working on the new BMW TourShell. The latest sports travel suit was prepared using the BMW Climate Membrane. This material designed by BMW Motorrad provides even greater wearing comfort and better temperature control compared to previously used membranes. Watertight ventilation zippers are designed to prevent excess heat from accumulating in the jacket during hot summer days. When the air temperature drops - ideally in the role of an insole, the Ride jacket, which can be purchased separately, will work.

Thanks to the clever design using quilted stretch inserts and thanks to the materials used, the user of the TourShell set can enjoy riding a motorcycle in a wide range of weather conditions. Watertight pockets in the jacket and trousers ensure safe transport of the wallet, electronics and everything that the driver would like to protect against contact with moisture. The Regular Fit cut is great for riding at higher speeds, and the fit of the jacket and trousers to the driver's silhouette is facilitated by the width adjustment system at the end of the sleeves, the waist belt, and the collar. The lightweight sidecut in the women's version emphasizes the strengths of the ladies' figures of motorcyclists.

Safety is the second area where BMW Motorrad is not compromising. The outer material of the TourShell suit, which is a Z-Liner construction, combines high abrasion resistance with the comfort of a soft, less stiff material. The suit has been equipped with a set of the latest generation of NP2 protectors characterized by excellent energy absorption characteristics during a fall.

The BMW TourShell suit in its latest edition has all the advantages necessary to conquer the hearts of young and dynamic motorcyclists who are looking for comfort and safety offered in an elegant and functional form.


Sporty, watertight hiking suit for the whole year

Abrasion-resistant bonded Dynatec Comfort as a Z-Liner construction

Windproof, waterproof and breathable BMW Climate Membrane

NP2 protectors for back, shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees (triple height adjustment)

Watertight zippers for vent holes on the trunk

3D spacer fabric on the back

Width adjustment at the end of the sleeves, waistband and at the collar with Velcro straps

Quilted stretch inserts on the shoulders, at the waist of the jacket and above the knees for optimal fit

2 watertight pockets in the jacket and trousers, 2 inside pockets in the jacket (1 Smartphone pocket with a transparent window and a wire guide), 1 impervious pouch on the left shoulder

Optimal connection with a quilted Ride jacket

Reflective material on the jacket and trousers to ensure good visibility

A zipper that connects a jacket and trousers: 40 cm.

Regular Fit

Jacket colors: black, gray

Trouser color: black

Women's sizes: 34-48

Men's sizes: 46-60

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