New firefighting clothing

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The Brabant-Zuidoost safety region (VRBZO) presented the new fire fighting clothing for the Brabant-Zuidoost fire brigade last week. The new firefighter suits equipped with the latest technologies to offer firefighters optimum protection in all circumstances.

The fabric used is strong and durable, while the reflective material color has the added advantage that soot and dirt are clearly visible. This makes it easier to estimate when the suit needs to be washed than with the current black suits. A clean suit is important to be able to work hygienically and safely. In the tender, VRBZO paid extensive attention to the functional wishes and safety of the firefighters themselves. This new suit offers extra cushioning around the shoulders so that pressure from breathing apparatus is better distributed. In addition, the knee protection is more robust and the reflective fabric can now also "breathe" because it is perforated. The purchase of the fire suits coincides with that of the new fire helmets.

VRBZO has opted for a red helmet with an interior that is easier to remove. The new neck flap is also removable and is made of smooth material so that less dirt and soot can stick to it. In the first instance, six fire departments will start working with the new clothing. Gemert, Bakel, De Rips, Maarheeze, Budel, and Helmond were chosen because the need for new firefighting clothing is greatest at these posts.

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