Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Tajikistan warns of blizzards on January 6 and heavy snow

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According to the Department of Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring of the Republic of Tatarstan, on January 6, the weather will deteriorate significantly.

Places in the republic are expected: night and day blizzard; wind gain up to 15 m/s; snow drifts on the roads; night and morning heavy snow.

In this regard, the Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for the RT made recommendations to the population.

When blizzards and snow drifts prepare comfortable and tightly closed shoes. Move carefully, without haste, step on the entire sole, given the unevenness of the surface. Elderly people are encouraged to use a cane with a rubber tip or a special stick with pointed spikes. If you slipped, sit down to lower the height of the fall.

Fans of outdoor activities are advised to have intact communication devices, navigation devices. When visibility deteriorates, measures should be taken in order not to lose orientation.

In addition, rescuers warn about the danger of similar avalanches in the ravines and on the hills, and they strongly ask not to leave children without adult supervision, to be careful while moving over the snow and to exclude the steep ravines and hills from the route. In 2008, five children were killed in Bugulma and Menzelinsky district of the republic under avalanches. And in the Kanevsky district on December 26, 2016, a 14-year-old boy was saved from under an avalanche. In addition, on February 5, 2018, at 12.43 (MSK), the EDDS of the Chistopolsky District called the emergency call service "112" and received a message stating that the child was covered with snow and was not breathing. The incident happened in a ravine at the end of Pushkin Street in the village of Danaurovka, Chistopolsky District.

Snowstorm and snow drifts pose a serious danger to all road users.

Drivers should avoid sudden braking: if necessary, stop the speed should be reduced smoothly. When braking, repeatedly press the brake pedal, thereby giving signal warning drivers of vehicles who are moving behind you. It is necessary to pay attention to the technical condition of the car, especially the brake system, and the condition of the tires. All optics must be in working condition. At stops use high visibility reflective vest. If possible, refuse to travel long distances.

Pedestrians are advised to cross the street only at the place of the designated crosswalk, Do not cross the road in front of moving vehicles, as Because of the slippery road surface, the stopping distance of the car is significantly increased. Move only towards the traffic flow. Use high visibility vests or attach reflective fabrics to clothing.

In case of any trouble, you can always contact the single emergency call number - "101,112". Calls are accepted around the clock and free of charge from local and mobile phones.

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