Highly reflective clothing intentionally ruins mobile phone photos

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If you photograph the carrier of the flashback clothing of Beta brand with a Smartphone or another digital camera with a flash, you will get unusable photos: The clothing made of reflective fabric equipped with a highly reflective surface that disrupts the exposure control of the cameras. The result is images that show the white reflections of the camera flash or the LED light, but the rest is black.

The crowd funding platform Beta brand has presented a clothing collection designed to protect the wearer from lightning attacks from annoying cell phone photography and other photographers. Especially with smart phones is often automatically the flash or the LED light used to brighten the environment a bit. This prevents slow shutter speeds or high ISO values.

Professional paparazzi are more likely not to work with the flash, but against private photos of "reader reporters" and similar users who are equipped with smart phones and compact cameras, the clothes could be quite useful in the unlit condition, white and gray.

DJ and music producer Chris Holmes had the idea for Flashback. The garments coated with a material that, like other reflective tapes, reflects the light falling on them directly back to the light source. This is realized with tiny glass beads, which are applied to a reflective foil. So far something is known as strip marks on jackets, shoes or rucksacks. Betabrand's Flashback covers the entire surface of the clothing.

The offered clothing collection includes a suit consisting of pants and jacket, a hooded jacket, a scarf, and a cap. The prices are comparatively high.

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