Circle distributes 2,500 safety vests to children

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Action for more traffic safety: Parents and children should be encouraged to walk together even in the dark season. The first reflective vest handed over district administrator Jorgen Muller in Enger.

At the start of the dark season, the district of Herford again distributes signal-warning vests to all three-year kindergarten children in the district - a total of about 2,500 pieces. On Friday morning, District Administrator Jorgen Muller handed over his first impetus to the Protestant Dietrich-Bonheoffer Kita. The circle wants to encourage parents and children with the action to walk in the dark season together on foot to the daycare center.

"These paths also support climate protection and make it a matter of course for children that everyday journeys are not just done in the car," it says.

Last year the district started the campaign. "Conscious of the three-year-olds," says Nadine Steinberg, mobility officer at the district of Herford. "We want to encourage children to get to know all types of mobility." And not just know what it looks like in the backseat of a car. The little ones should take the vest home and not only in the daycare use. "So that they can do the daily routines."

"The weakest road users"

With the action, the district also wanted to promote traffic safety, emphasized District Administrator Muller. The safety vests which made of reflective fabrics would help that the little ones stand out in the traffic. That was important because they were "the weakest road users".

For the first time, the vest with reflective material was to be officially deployed a short time later, announced Julia, who runs the kindergarten together with Claudia Stevens-Maas.

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