A glowing "Walking bus" passed through the streets of Tyumen

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Thus, the guys decided to encourage citizens to use light reflectors.

The glowing "Walking bus", accompanied by traffic police officers, walked through the streets of evening Tyumen, observing the rules of road safety. The cyclists from the specialized junior school of the Olympic reserve passed in a conspicuous distance from the column.

The guys have to come back from workouts already in the dark, so they always use retro-reflective devices to be visible to drivers.

Traffic inspectors told young athletes that not all children and adults have retro-reflective materials on their clothes, so they become participants in road accidents. The guys decided to urge citizens to use light reflectors, the press service of the regional State Aviation Inspectorate informs. To do this, they have equipped their sports equipment with additional luminous elements to be far visible to drivers and pedestrians.

The glowing "Walking bus" attracted the attention of passersby who were very interested in fashionable and useful reflective fabrics on clothes.

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