Reflective tape for cyclists would be appropriate

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Reflective tape will increase your visibility. Police in the Hradec Kralove region warn cyclists and pedestrians

Not being seen is a gamble with life. Is the name of the campaign traffic police in the. By the end of every day the police will warn cyclists and pedestrians how very important it is to wear reflective elements. These, they can greatly enhance our visibility and morning way to work or school, then it is a lot safer.

Student Thomas walked to school along the road was still dark. He was wearing dark clothes. Drivers him so they can easily be overlooked. From police he got reflective armband. "It seems pointless because I have not experienced that here, someone honked at me," comments Thomas.

Wear reflective elements certainly not useless. According to the coordinator BESIP for Hradec Kralove Region Pert Hose are even indispensable:

"I would recommend reflective tape for cyclists would be appropriate even waistcoat. When the driver is directed at me, so there is a much greater distance visibility than when I drive only in dark clothes. Distance there may range up to about 200 meters. If a man wearing a black jacket, for example, the driver can see it in the dark only from thirty meters. And that can often be too late. Traffic police in the Hradec Kralove region, therefore, started a campaign without being seen is a gamble with life right now in November, when days are shortest. Pedestrians and cyclists get reflective objects.

"We are talking with them on the topic of good visibility. Cyclist has a statutory obligation to use front and rear lights in poor visibility, and generally reflective light. Pedestrian such obligation under the law and does not think it's risky. Therefore, we try to explain it to the people to understand and heed their safety, "said police officer Jan Čížkovský.

In the first quarter of this year on the roads in the Hradec Kralove region killed seven pedestrians and two cyclists. Throughout the Hradec Kralove Region, cyclists and pedestrians at the end of the year will focus 30 police patrols. The field will be mainly in the morning and evening.

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