Deadly traffic accident

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In Mals on Saturday at 4.00 o'clock in the morning, a tragic traffic accident took place.

According to initial information, a man was hit by a car and was fatally injured.

In action were the ambulance of the White Cross, the emergency counseling, the fire department, and the Carabinieri, but all efforts were in vain. The victim died at the accident site.

The 26-year-old Stefan Heinisch from Matsch was on foot on the main road from Mals in the direction of Burgess when he was hit by the car at the turnoff to Planeil from the car. A second pedestrian, who was said to have been there, remained unhurt.

The driver of the car immediately raised the alarm and called the emergency services.

After the fatal accident in Mals, the chairman of the Association South Tyrol's local police, Christian Carli, recommends pedestrians to wear light-colored clothing or even a reflective safety vest when traveling at night. For motorists recognize passersby on foot at night only with difficulty.

For cyclists, safety vests outside of villages have even been mandatory for six years.

Motorists, on the other hand, are advised to take their foot off the accelerator pedal at night within localities. Some would tend to travel too fast because there is often little traffic at night.

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