They present in the Legislature a project of law to fight motorcycles

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Carolina Piper, one of the promoters of the project, said that "as a victim and legislator, I consider that this law is important in its potential to combat a specific type of crime."

The Cambiemos block presented today in the Buenos Aires Legislature a bill to combat the criminal actions of the " motorcyclists ", which includes the placement of the patent number on the helmet, the use of reflective vest with the domain of the vehicle recorded and the prohibition of circulation of two in certain areas and schedules that municipalities must determine.

The initiative that seeks to stop robberies perpetrated by criminals carries the signatures of Buenos Aare's deputies Carolina Piper, Manias Rankin and Martin Dominguez Yelp (Cambiemos), who prepared it together with Security Minister Christian Rotunda, who was in the presentation.

The proposal provides that motorcyclists must wear the helmet with the patent attached, wear a reflective clothing with the domain of the vehicle recorded - both the driver and the passenger - and the prohibition to circulate two in certain areas and schedules to be determined by each municipality.

In addition, service stations cannot sell gasoline to motorcyclists who do not have the regulatory measures established in the law, and those who do not will be fined.

"We have two important points in the project, one to take this job as something to deal with this type of crime that is violent and is one of the main concerns of the neighbors," Rankin said at the presentation of the initiative.

President of the Security Commission of the Legislature, Rankin stated that unlike the City of Buenos Aires, where it is all urban, "we had to concentrate on developing a project that contemplates the particularities of such a large and diverse province".

"That is why each municipality must submit to the Ministry of Security which are the geographical perimeters and slots where the use of vests with reflective materials and helmets are mandatory," he added.

The legislator Carolina Piper said that "as a victim and legislator, I consider that this law is important in its potential to combat a specific type of crime."

When he was vice president of the Legislature, Rotunda presented a bill to combat the "motorcycle", which gave the City a specific legal framework on that criminal modality.

In turn, from Decree 171/2017, the national government stipulates that each province must establish its parameters to combat this type of crime.

In control, saturation and prevention operations in the province of Buenos Aires, more than 250 thousand motorcycles were sequestered so far and more than 22 thousand were detained for being in direct connection with a crime, whether due to bank leaks, drug dealing or assaults, assured the Rotunda press.

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