Cycle season started what should a cyclist know

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The cycling season started. We remind you: cyclists are also road users and, in addition to their powers, also have duties they must respect. Let's take care of our safety with reflective vest together.

Cyclists are together with pedestrians called. Unprotected traffic participants. This means that they are not covered by bodywork, their vehicles are not protected by crush zones, and they do not have seat belts or airbags.

How to ensure safety on a paddock?

It is extremely important to have a bike equipped. According to the regulations in force, the bike should be equipped with:

- At the front - at least one color position light

White or yellow selective

- at least one red non-triangle red reflector and at least one red positioning light (these except red rear reflectors are not required when driving during the day), so if you do not plan to drive after dark, By law we can resign from the remaining lights)

- Turn signals, if the construction of the bike makes it impossible for us to indicate the direction of the turn with the hands

- At least one effective brake

- In a bell or other warning signal of non-sounding sound.

For our safety it is worth to wear a protective helmet. Police officers also encourage the wearing of reflective elements and vests. This increases the visibility of cyclists on the roads and speeds up the response time of drivers. Thus, seemingly important details can save someone's life.

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