Review of the Under Armor HOVR Infinite

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When Under Armor approached us to check the HOVR Infinite we thought "ok, it must be a good shoe to run and not much more", but we are wrong, they are by far the most technological tennis we have used.

It happens that one of its main characteristics are that they have sensors that collect very granular data about your run, including the map of where you went and they can keep all that for up to 7 hours until you connect them to Bluetooth Low Energy to your cell phone, where you can see things like your cadence and stride length. Really, a lot of data for those who need all that information.

But why would I want this? Easy, imagine them as wearables, like a Fitbit watch for example, where you can leave the phone at home and run free. The application of Under Armor is very complete and the algorithms used to make this pair recognize that you are in some activity, but if you want to be very precise, you can put until you are walking the dog and will know how to measure your activity with respect to that. We insist they are very intelligent.

The funny thing is the "bad" part of the future, where despite all the wonder, it was also hilarious to have to install a software update for your shoes. 2019, friends. In any case, they were not more than a few seconds.

Now, we go to the theme of design and comfort, both when using them on a day-to-day basis and in situations of greater performance.

We are facing a pair of relatively thick and large tennis shoes, they are very substantial in shape, which gives a lot of security and stability. Despite their width, they are very light (approximately 300 grams).

The upper part is covered with breathable mesh, very light and fresh, with strong support and fabric covering in the heel, for safety. The shoelaces are easily adjustable, being able to customize their opening by parts and there are reflective strips around the whole boot.

In the ankles, we have the area of the collar of the heel well padded, like the tongue. The template is Ortholite apparently, not specific, but it is super breathable and soft.

The most important thing is the sole, where Under Armor entered to compete fully with its material HOVR Adidas Boost and Nike React but feels something different.

It's soft, super soft in fact, but somehow manages to be firm enough not to "sink" when running. They are at an exact midpoint between the Boost and the React. Being the last one the hardest. The thing of likes.

Interestingly it gave me the sensation that for long strides and trotting they are perfect, it is as if they hardened with the speed of each footfall, but for walking, I felt very soft. This is good for short journeys, but when the subject is extended it can end up getting a little tired.

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