The Day of the Dead by Craig Green

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Egyptian pharaohs, Mexican embalmers, weekend sailors, YouTube videos, muscles and resurrected Lazarus were references of the latest collection of Craig Green, the most innovative designer of menswear in the United Kingdom. That said, his main inspiration came from the mirrors.

"I was thinking about how people use mirrors to change their appearance and space. Getting bigger and brighter rooms and how we examine ourselves," explained Green.

So he turned the catwalk into a giant mirror on which his last group of international travelers paraded. Several styles included reflective material, although it was difficult to know what culture they referred to if they did it at all.

"When I sent photos to my friends asking them what these ideas reminded them of, they all had different answers: from Turkish mirrors to Indian temples," laughed Green, the three-time award-winning British designer of menswear.

Celebrated inside the Billingsgate market, the parade included several very bright outfits, made with nylon fabric for boats. The cloth was cut with laser-like guipure lace, with patterns inspired by Mexican funerary shrouds; Styles suitable for the striking and peripatetic public of Green.

From time to time, Green took full advantage, with strange prints that showed elements of the human musculature or a leather jumpsuit with multiple flaps.

In past seasons, the designer had added tent-like structures to his garments. This season he limited himself to using wooden and metallic crucifixes as a necklace or even as handbags, while Lazaro's resurrection was insinuated with combinations of stellar silk.

He also played with his exclusive graphic coats washed to the stone and improvised with his quilted jackets, adding that strange spiritual sense to the latest collection of Green, the most original thinker in men's fashion.

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