Police organize "days of visibility"

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Because in the dark the risk of accidents of pedestrians and cyclists is about three times higher than during the day, the police, the Brandenburg and other partners organize for the first time nationally the "days of visibility", from Tuesday to Thursday.

There, the community, the Senior Citizens Council and the Solidarity Association for Crime Prevention (SSK) participate in two actions on Wednesday. From 7 am to 8 pm, the designated protagonists stand in front of the school campus and draw the pupils' attention to their visibility as pedestrians and cyclists.

Tips and suggestions on possible improvements to clothing and bicycles are given, according to a police statement. The advice is to use bright reflective clothing. Reflective clothing with reflective fabrics can still be seen 140 meters away. The recognizability of dark clothing, however, is only about 25 meters. The second act follows the assignment in front of the school campus. From 8 am to 9.30 am, interested people can seek advice on the marketplace.

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